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JiangXi Nanfeng FuYang Fruit Industry Co.,Ltd
NanFeng Honey Tangerine - JiangXi Nanfeng FuYang Fruit Industry Co.,Ltd

NanFeng Honey Tangerine
Description Of NanFeng Honey Tangerine
Product Name:  NanFeng Honey Tangerine
Model Number:  FY-0002
Brand Name:  Honey Tangerine
Place of Origin:  Nan Feng
    The nanfeng mandarin oranges, (also called nanfeng oranges, Nanfeng honey tangerine nanfeng michi ) , fruit relatively little,simple fruit 25-50g of weight,fruit shape oblate,the peel is thin,0.11 centimetres thick on average,orange and glossy,the oil afterbirth is little and dense or a little protruding in all one''s life,the bag is a petal of 7-19,nearly kidney shape ,the bag clothing is thin ,the juice steeps the yellow,soft and juicy,the flavor is dense and sweet,fragrance is mellow,1-3 seeds are seedless.can eat some 78%,fruit juice is 55%,the solubility firm shape thing is 12-19%.The avundant mandarin orange in the south is ripe in mid-November.The main strain is big fruit,small fruit and early-maturing fruit,etc.
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